Ten Years' Time

Ten Years’ Time helps ambitious philanthropists become experts in the fields they care about and take big bets on new ideas that can change the world.

Our mission is simple: we inject ambition, imagination, equity and justice into philanthropy. Our model is based on reducing the proximity between financial wealth and community ‘wealth’.

We accompany philanthropists and funders through a learning journey that helps them to see the world through the lens of people most impacted by social, economic, environmental and technological disparities. In doing so, we support them to better understand social challenges and opportunities and to then find the people, organisations, or movements with amazing solutions to these challenges.

Ten Years’ Time accomplishes this through philanthropy advice, training, talent development, trustee coaching and research.

Whether the cause area is climate change, racial injustice, or economic fairness, we work with those who are ready to leave the safe ideas behind and instead want to do their bit to transform failing systems.