We help ambitious donors and foundations to repair harm and rebalance power by resourcing racial and economic justice with care and confidence.

What We do

We create learning experiences for donors and funders to interrogate their wealth, unlearn harmful practices and develop holistic, equitable and reparative approaches to philanthropy.

We guide our clients through a process of honest reflection and radical action to help them shift from a mindset of preservation to one of redistribution.

Our Values


We activate our imaginations to dream of a brighter future.

Revolutionary Love

We believe that new worlds can be created if we prioritise the love of humanity as the motivation for everything we do.


We celebrate and share the joy and innovation that sits deep in the heart of communities.


We do not know it all but what we do know, we share with others.

Radical Honesty

We create spaces that sensitively confront the ways in which we all contribute to systemic oppression.