Amel Hamilton

Amel Hamilton

Head of Programmes and Practice

Amel Hamilton is the Head of Programmes and Practice at Ten Years’ Time, where she curates, coordinates and facilitates the Grant Givers’ Programme. Amel redesigned the programme, responding to a wide-cast survey aimed to ensure that the outcomes aligned with participants’ desires. More recently, Amel led the development, curation and coordination of Reimagining Horizons, a collaborative project with Funders for Race Equality Alliance and Future Foundations UK. This programme supports Global Majority staff within trusts and foundations to share their experiences, access support, learn and network, and experience joy.

During Amel’s tenure at Ten Years’ Time, she has also worked on several client projects, carrying racial equity across themes of education, social mobility, artificial intelligence and technology and digital human rights. She has worked with national and international clients, ranging from high-net-worth individuals to charitable trusts and corporate foundations. Amel has also been a panellist discussing the value of youth-led participatory grantmaking.

Amel graduated with a BSc in Political Economy at King’s College London, where she took a particular interest in Black feminism, building on intersectionality as a working theory.

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