Poonam Sakarsudha


Poonam is one of our Associates, helping our clients to become much better informed about the issues that are most important to them; ultimately transforming what they support and how they do this with the resources they have.

Poonam’s work at Ten Years’ Time has included leading the learning journey of a private grant-making foundation, enabling the development of their spend-down funding strategy in Papua New Guinea, including the adoption of participatory grant-making practices that actively shift power to the communities they serve. She has also worked alongside Scotland’s largest independent grant-making trust as they strive to develop a leadership programme in service of people with lived experience of poverty and trauma.

Before joining Ten Years’ Time, Poonam spent over twenty years in the corporate sector, working in various marketing, research, and customer experience leadership roles, for brands such as KPMG, M&S, E.ON and Legal & General. Poonam now works solely with individuals and organisations striving to bring about meaningful, positive and lasting social change. This has seen her working with the leaders of organisations addressing modern slavery, criminal justice, fuel poverty, and the mental wellbeing of young people; helping to develop their organisational and communications strategies.