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This webinar provides an opportunity for funders and climate justice champions to listen to and ask questions to Global Majority experts in the racial justice field to clarify some of the best practices needed to make racial injustice a thing of the past.

Derek Bardowell is an author, award-winning philanthropic leader, park runner, reimaginer, and devoted dad. Once a music journalist and for many years a disruptive funder, Derek works at the intersections of race, culture, and philanthropy and believes everyone has the right to feel at ease in themselves, in their bodies, and in the places that they live. His first book, No Win Race, explores race and racism in modern Britain through the prism o sport and was a Sunday Times and FT Book of the Year. His new book, Giving Back, reimagines philanthropy through a reparative lens and will be released in August 2022.

Hosts Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd talk to Derek Bardowell about taking funders and philanthropists on an educational journey  to see the light about systemic change, Gemma McGough from Patriotic Millionaires about why it’s important for the rich to speak up, to Stephanie Brobbey about how wealthy people can become ‘good ancestors’.


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Why Great Philanthropists Make Great Poker Players (And Vice Versa)

Warren Buffett, center, stacks his chips at a charity poker tournament in Omaha, Neb. (AP Photo/Dave Weaver)   by Jake …

Giving Back: How to Do Good, Better by Derek A Bardowell

From redefining the role of charity itself to reimagining philanthropy through a reparative lens, Bardowell introduces a radical new take on how social problems, from climate change to racial injustice, can be tackled in modern society by all of us.

Just Cause

Exploring the intersections of race, culture, and philanthropy, author of No Win Race Derek A Bardowell speaks to the people who are tackling some of the most challenging social issues of our times. In each episode, you will hear the views, approaches, and tactics of those who are reforming our public services, speaking truth to power, and opening the doors for the marginalized to move to the center.