Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey is a 3-month investment or 7-8-month learning programme for donors and foundations to develop holistic, equitable and reparative approaches to philanthropy.

We accompany philanthropists and funders on an entirely bespoke journey around a cause of their choice; learning from and connecting with community innovators, frontline workers, social historians, data and policy experts, among others.

Rather than seek to go out and write a report on behalf of our clients, our model is to wokrk closely with donors and foundations to develop communal expertise. We take an educational approach through coaching and support to enable you to become experts in what you care about most. The work is intense, but the reward is transformational.

The programme comprises radical listening to communities, expert meetings, curricula, sector mapping, workshops, and deep community insights. It is tailored towards next generation high-net-worth families and established funders who are looking to invest capital into ambitious new ideas rather than following the crowd to safe ground.

If you’d like to find out more about our bespoke Learning Journeys,  please contact angela@tenyearstime.com.