Learning Programmes

Grant Givers Programme

There are relatively few opportunities for people working in grant giving to take a step back from their day jobs and spend time amongst peers thinking through new approaches, trends and challenges for grant givers. The Grant Givers’ Programme is designed for people working within the philanthropic sector.

The programme helps participants to step away from their everyday work of analysing applications or managing grantee relationships and allows the space and time to think about the best ways in which philanthropy can be used to advance social justice. The programme takes place over ten sessions, lasting a total of 14 hours over 3 months. It is run in cohorts of 12 participants with seven speaker sessions, two review and reflect sessions and one community insight workshop.

The programme has featured a range of excellent speakers. These include Marai Larasi, Zara Todd, Amahra Spence, Harpreet Kaur Paul, Rena Greifinger, Sidney Hargro, Stephanie Brobbey, Baljeet Sandhu, Rachel Muthoga and the Grant Givers’ Movement, amongst many others.

Participants will leave with:

  • A better understanding of how money can be used to support transformative change
  • A support network of fellow professionals
  • New skills and ideas to bring to their roles
  • Thoughts on how to overcome challenges in their giving practices
  • Exposure to new ideas on foundation management and giving strategies

It should be noted that the Grant Givers’ Programme is revered by its participants, with 100% of participants stating that they would recommend the programme and would like to continue engaging with the learning after the programme.

The Grant Givers’ Programme starts again in May 2024. Click here to download the brochure. To find out more and secure your place, please contact dean@tenyearstime.com.