Ten Years’ Time Community of Practice

The Ten Years’ Time Community of Practice

The TYT Community of Practice is a holistic programme of support and development to support charities, trusts, and foundations on their racial justice journey over a period of three years.

We understand that for funders to turn insights into action, they need brave spaces for uncomfortable conversations. They also need support with governance, influence, development, and help to create compelling and progressive narratives.

The TYT Community of Practice aims to create the space to practice and implement change. This programme seeks to support charitable trusts (at all levels) to embed racial justice practices and anti-oppressive frameworks into their governance, leadership, investments, and grant-making.

By joining the TYT community, you will benefit from the following:

  • Tailored support to embed racial justice into your investing, grant-making, and governance;
  • An accountability framework that tailors support specific to your organisation and helps leaders to set realistic goals and measure progress;
  • Coaching, support, and brave spaces for senior leaders and trustees to make the transition towards racial and economic justice that aligns with their mission and improves organisational culture;
  • A community of similar organisations for peer support to learn alongside you as you progress on your journey;
  • A community of practice that compliments your current DEI work with space to learn from others and test your current learning and development with a community of peers.
If you’d like to find out more about our bespoke Learning Journeys, please contact angela@tenyearstime.com